Aug 13, 2012
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Spying Cell Phones Using a Smart Spy App Application

Ask a parent of a teenager, they’ll tell you how parenting a teen is. But what’s worse it keeping a check on their daily activities, particularly their cell phone use. However, technology has alleviated this disaster for the parents and brought it a remote method of child monitoring by spying on cell phones using cell phone spy apps.

Today, we’ll discuss about a spy app that is thought to be among the best cell phone spy software applications in the market.

StealthGenie cell phone spy application offers an affordable means to monitor your children or even your employees. It is installed in the phone and doesn’t let the phone owner know or even get suspected of its presence. It runs in the phones background and continues to silently update you on every phone activity soon as it takes place.

It retrieves the entire phone data – from call logs to sms logs, emails to chat history, internet browsing to multimedia content saved on the phone, and even lets you track the person using the built-in GPS service .

StealthGenie is very easy to install

You’re not tech-savvy? Is that your concern? However, it still doesn’t mean that you should shy away from StealthGenie. Spying cell phones using a cell phone spy app isn’t as difficult as you think. Installing it is as simple as any other software you’d desire to install in your mobile phone. However, once you sign up you are also delivered with a set of instructions split up into easy steps to help you get going with it.

The most affordable cell phone spy

Believe it or not, but StealthGenie is cost as low as $8 a month to begin with! If you think it’s a joke you can check out their official website and see it for yourself.

If you want the best for your kids, StealthGenie can be the ultimate solution to every single problem concerning your teen…

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