Apr 17, 2014

Apple’s Carplay Is Ready To Go With Volvo!

Apple’sCarPlayafter taking the wrap off has already excited iPhone users to experience new mobile environment. Their wish to have their content at finger tips is no more a wish, it has become a reality. CarPlay will let users to use their iPhone with minimal distraction while driving. Since
March debut at the Geneva International Motor Show, Volvo and Apple offered the first public demonstration of CarPlay in the US. Although CarPlay was not mounted in Volvo vehicle but the demonstration revealed the integration of Volvo’s hardware and software with the system. The Volvo’s integration seems very smooth and showed that you can have a real time experience of iPhone in your car with instant access to all of your data.

CarPlay is designed in a way that let you use car control’s buttons, knobs or touch screen.Interface dynamics are as smooth as they are on the iPhone like the touch screen and app- launch actions. Those who know iOS well can use CarPlay simply. You just can’t resists CarPlay when you will know that swiping screen function andinterchanging between applications feels so much like iPhone.

Touch the dashboard screen while driving and get instant access to your iPhone

The integration of Siri voice is pretty cool thus giving you an instant access to mobile maps, messages, the phone and music. Once you will set the location option “on” in your iPhone’s settings, CarPlay map will automatically default to your existing location. Do you want to make a call? Just push the Siri button that is easily accessible by steering wheel and you are ready to talk with least disruption.

Stephen Chick, a member of Apple’s CarPlay team said “We work very hard ahead of time with all the car companies, including, of course, Volvo, on the specifics of the user interface”. The whole point of CarPlay is to have a safe use of iPhone while driving. Pioner options for CarPlay will be available soon in market. The first car of Volvo that will be integrated with CarPlay will be Volvo XC90, sources said. You can’t exactly determine how this car- app will shake out but it is an attractive and enthralling step in the world of in- care software systems.

Jan 22, 2013
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Stop Spoiling Your Child; Use a Parental Monitoring App and Act Responsible

Every child is the darling of their parent. Parents pamper their children to a great extent and this increases the chances of children getting spoilt. Since the popularity of smartphones, catching hold of your kid has become extremely difficult and you need to try extra hard to trace out what your child is up to at all times. Well, good news for you is that your worrying days are over. Now you can stay up to date with your child’s activities by monitoring them with the help of a parental monitoring app StealthGenie.

A Parental Responsibility:

Monitoring your kids for their better upbringing is the responsibility of all parents. StealthGenie is a really useful parental monitoring app that helps parents a great deal. This app covers very little space inside your child’s cell phone and gets installed in it within minutes, No feature of your kid’s cell phone is disturbed during the installation process and you get to keep an eye on your child without them even knowing about it.

Suitable Handsets:

The best thing about StealthGenie is that you can monitor your children at any time you want to and from anywhere in the world. This amazing app works superbly well with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry cell phones of the latest models. iPhone models with iOS 4.0 or above, Android phones with OS 2.1 or above and BlackBerry phones with OS 5.0 or above are fully compatible with this parental monitoring app.

Geo Location And Geo Tracking:

These features work with the support of the GPS navigator inside your child’s cell phone. ‘Geo location’ pinpoints parents with the precise location of their children while ‘Geo tracking’ shows them the exact path that your child has covered to reach their current destination.

SMS Messages:

Teenagers are pretty fond of SMS messaging. They spend a major portion of their time every day sending text messages to their friends. StealthGenie updates parents with all the SMS messages stored in the Sent Box, Drafts and Inbox of their child’s cell phone. Parents even get to view all the messages saved in Drafts.

Good Parenting:

Parental monitoring apps assist parents in staying up-to-date with their child’s activities at all times. Teenage is a tricky age group and the more you keep tabs on your kids, the more you are going to ensure a good upbringing of theirs.

Jan 9, 2013
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A Simple iPhone Spy App For Your Precious Child’s Good Health

A simple iPhone handset is enough to get the attention of anyone. Teenagers nowadays love to get attention from others and this is why an iPhone is their favorite tool to use on a regular basis. Playing games, browsing the internet and texting their friends is made extremely easy with the help of an iPhone. Unfortunately, at times children tend to neglect their health and overuse the iPhone. An iPhone spy app StealthGenie can help parents at such a time by keeping a check on their child’s health.

A Potent App:

This potent spy app is extremely user-friendly as it runs inside the cell phone of your child without disturbing any of its features. No one wants any conflict between themselves and their children. Keeping this thing in mind, StealthGenie secretly runs inside the background of your kid’s cell phone and does not disclose about its presence to anyone at all.

Great Work:

All iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models work great alongside StealthGenie. Simply register for a StealthGenie account and you will be provided with your personal User ID and password. Then you must download this app in your kid’s cell phone. This downloading is hardly going to take five minutes of your precious time. Once everything is done, simply use your log-in details and gain complete access to all the data that is present inside your child’s iPhone.

Geo Tracking and Live Surroundings:

The Geo tracking feature of StealthGenie helps parents trace down the exact location of their children from anywhere in the world, at any time they want to. Even the ‘Live surroundings’ feature helps them record all the sounds that are in the surroundings of their child’s cell phone.

SMS Records:

Each and every SMS message stored in the Inbox and even the Sent Box of your kid’s cell phone is shown to you with the help of this iPhone spy app. Parents may even see the messages saved in Drafts as well as any messages that might have been deleted from their kid’s cell phone, either accidently or on purpose.

No More Excessive Usage:

Excessive usage of anything could have negative consequences for everyone. Parents can control the excessive usage of a cell phone by their children if they monitor their child’s activities with the help of this iPhone spy app StealthGenie.

Dec 28, 2012
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‘To Trust Or Not To Trust’ Is The Question – Install A Blackberry Phone Tracker And Get The Answer!

When hiring staff, you mention the new entrants about the work ethics, office rules and all that too that they already know. It is like taking a risk wit people you don’t know much about. However, you can’t always go with the gut feelings. Sometimes, you have to play smart.

Especially, if you’re business requires some of your employees to travel a lot, either within or outside the city, you would provide them with the means to easily communicate and commute. Majority of the employees provide Blackberry smartphones and a car for easy traveling.

Why Blackberry phones?

That’s because, Blackberry phones are the best business phones, with the push-to-email, conference calling, Skype, social networking and BBM easily available in the palm of your hands. However, it is your duty to keep a check on them as well.

Since, keeping a manual check is out of question with the heaps of work you have to manage. But, you can always install a Blackberry phone tracker  on their phones and let the application do its work.

StealthGenie Blackberry spying app and phone tracker is one truly amazing phone tracking application that allows you to easily carry out employee monitoring as well as GPS tracking without much efforts from your end. If purchasing and installing the application is what you call an ‘effort’ then that is all that you’d be required to do. This silent application works silently in the phone’s background without interrupting or interfering with the phone’s functionality. Nor does it ever show up in the phone either.

Once installed, this blackberry phone tracker starts monitoring every location the employee goes too and spend time at. You will be able to track them in real time and also view all the location history maintained in the member login area.

Apart from GPS tracking feature, for as low as $8 (Basic package) or $13 (Gold package), you get many other useful features like:

  • Call monitoring
  • SMS monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Chats monitoring (BBM and Gtalk conversation threads)
  • Multimedia files viewing (all content saved on phone)
  • Calendar markings (reminders, memos, appointments etc.)
  • Instant alerts on activities sent via email and SMS
  • SIM change alert notification
  • Back up and wipe data
  • Remote locking of phone

So, instead of thinking whether to trust or not to trust, quit wasting time and install StealthGenie and take a break from worries and panic attacks.

Dec 18, 2012
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StealthGenie: A Mobile Spy an Expert Would Recommend

A mobile spy app is an application for smartphones that let you spy on your kids or employees in stealth mode. As an expert, I’d recommend StealthGenie as it has some really useful features that would make monitoring kids and employees easier.

Why I Recommend StealthGenie?

StealthGenie, as I have found it to be, is a smart and very discreet mobile spy app which will let you monitor your kids and employees all day long without giving any hint to them about being monitored. To start with, you’d need to install StealthGenie on their smartphones- Android, iPhone or BlackBerry secretly. Once that is done, you will be assigned an online user account through which you can remotely monitor every move your employees or children make. Some of the features include monitoring:

  • SMS
  • Calls
  • E-mails
  • Chats
  • Web history
  • Bookmarks
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Calendar entries
  • SIM card changes
  • Geo-location

StealthGenie’s Exclusive Features:

The glamor lies in the exclusive features that only StealthGenie offers. Along with the usual spying features, this powerful mobile spy software will also let you remotely:

  • Set trigger alerts for SMS, calls and e-mails
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Lock phone
  • Delete and backup phone data
  • Spy WhatsApp messages and media files
  • Spy iMessage texts and media content
  • Control features and start, pause or deactivate app

Vigilance is the key in effective parental and employee monitoring. What’s better than knowing for sure if your kids are not using inappropriate words or if your employee is not leaking company information to rivals? Recording phone surroundings will also let you know what your kids and employees talk about when they are not using phone. It’s best to monitor meeting proceedings and study sessions your kids have.

In my view, StealthGenie is a pretty good mobile spy app that has got good features and economic packages. You can kick start effecting spying only for $8 per month and more. With free updates and 248/7 live customer support, you wouldn’t have any issues with the app. What StealthGenie lacks is that it does not support Symbian and Windows phones. Since Windows phones are also getting attention, StealthGenie should also consider developing spy apps for Windows at least.

That’s why I only recommend StealthGenie to most parents and employees especially those who prefer quality and secrecy the most. This mobile spy app will let you monitor your kids and employees so you can effectively manage your family and work simultaneously.

Dec 3, 2012
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All About Mobile Spying App

Mobile spying app is for those who work and also have a family to look after. It simplifies things as you get to know what your kids are up to when you’re at office and vice versa.

There are more such apps than you can count but obviously not all are good- if it had been that way, we wouldn’t have so many apps around. So yes, selection plays a vital role. This review will be exploring a relatively mobile spying app in the market by the name StealthGenie.


  • Released: 2010
  • Price: Starting from $8 a month
  • Free updates: Yes
  • Supports Android, iPhone and BlackBerry: Yes
  • Supports Symbian and Windows: No
  • 24/7 Customer support: Yes
  • Monitoring Features: Yes
  • Restrictive Features: No
  • Exclusive Features: Yes
  • Requires Internet Connection: Yes

Performance Analysis:

StealthGenie mobile spying app has one major edge over others due to the exclusive features. It is the first mobile spying that lets you trigger alerts for:

  1. SMS
  2. Calls
  3. E-mails

That means that if you suspect some foul play from your kids or kids, simply trigger alerts and receive notifications on usage of suspicious words and inappropriate calls or e-mails. Additionally, you can also remotely control apps running on the target calls- start, pause or deactivate them without letting your kids or employees know about it.

StealthGenie will also help you record phone surroundings, too. This feature is also offered by other spying apps too but I have personally tested it and trust me it doesn’t work at all. So if you want to check what happens at a meeting, simply record the phone surroundings of your target and listen to it remotely. I tested the mobile spying app by StealthGenie for six months using their Gold package and I found no major flaws or bugs- obviously there are always little issues but for those, you have the StealthGenie customer support team to resolve issue spot-on.

Although StealthGenie is yet to come up with the features they have mentioned on their website that are still unchecked like the live call interception and setting Geo-Fence, etc. but at least they are honest about telling which of the features are available and which are not. Also, you get all the updates and upgrades for free. On the down side, since there is no jailbreaking option for iPhone iOS 6, StealthGenie cannot be installed on the versions with iOS 6. Same goes for the Android OS 4.0. so StealthGenie developers would really have to hurry because more and more people are updating their phones.

But still StealthGenie is a decent mobile spying software and I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t install it on your target’s phone.

Dec 3, 2012
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Pick of the Week- StealthGenie Mobile Spy

As the mobile spy apps continue to be in the spotlight, we have decided to review one of such apps this week as well. StealthGenie is the pick of the week.

A Little About Mobile Spy Apps:

Mobile spy apps are stealth mobile software used to track employees or kids. It is installed secretly on a target phone and all the phone data gets uploaded on a user account online to be accessed remotely.

StealthGenie in Focus:

Now let’s see what StealthGenie is all about. It has been around for a while but given the fact that it’s still relatively new; it has a feel of a pro. Responsive interface, adaptable features and sure-shot security- StealthGenie has definitely matured.


Of the many mobile spy apps that we have reviewed so far, StealthGenie has the longest list of compatible phones. It’s the first to support Android OS 4.0 and has also BlackBerry and iPhone on its league. So compatibility is not much of an issue with the Genie.

Price Factor:

Pricing is an important aspect and must be taken up seriously. There are some mobile spy apps that are virtually free and no wonder they don’t work mostly. Then you have really expensive mobile spy apps which might be a rip off! StealthGenie has fared relatively well because we found that the Basic package cost only $8 a month which is quite safe on the budget. But it has Gold and Platinum packages too having more features and options.

The Features:

Now that’s what StealthGenie has a strong footing! You get so many features that people like us actually get curious whether they work or a mere stunt to attract clientele. So we tested the Genie ourselves and yes, it’s brilliant. Calls, phone surroundings, contacts, web browsing, geo-tracking, pictures and videos, SMS and e-mails, you can record everything.

Plus the Genie has something else that no other mobile spy offers- Trigger alerts for SMS, calls and e-mails, remote control on apps running on target phone and location history. We call trigger alerts the wow-factor of the Genie because you only need to set the words or contacts you want as trigger words or contacts. Later, when your kids or employees use those words or contact those numbers, you will receive instant notifications.

Basically, StealthGenie has all the ingredients of a progressive mobile spy and so it has our trust. Install StealthGenie and be relaxed- because the Genie sees it all!

Nov 12, 2012
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Use a spy software for BlackBerry; answer the million dollar question

BlackBerry has got many people going crazy over it big time. The looks and features that a BlackBerry handset brings with it are worth praising. A few businessmen offer their employees with BlackBerry phones for official use. The features of BlackBerry do make work relatively easy, but the “Million dollar question” is that how you can make sure that your employees use their BlackBerry phone for official use and nothing else. A spy software for BlackBerry phone of your employees can help you know for sure what exactly your employees use their BlackBerry handset for.

Easy findings:

if you acquire the services of StealthGenie, you can find out pretty easily what your employees do with their BlackBerry phone. This monitoring app gets installed in your employee’s BlackBerry within minutes and provides you with complete access to their entire cell phone data. StealthGenie works great with all the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, Bold and other models in the 8000 as well as 9000 series, provided these models run on an operating system of 4.6 or higher.

No worries:

Once this app is installed in your employee’s cell phone, you don’t even have to worry about your employee finding out about its presence in their cell phone. Simply connect to the internet and Log-in to your StealthGenie account. Once you have logged in, you will be able to access the complete data inside your employee’s BlackBerry phone.

Call records:

A look at all the incoming as well as outgoing call records of your employees tell you exactly how much their BlackBerry phone is being used for work purposes and how much for other purposes. Even the precise time and duration of every call is provided to employers by StealthGenie.

BBM chats:

BBM chats are the most preferred way of communication for most BlackBerry users. Access to all the BBM chats of your employees means you have found a ‘Gold mine’. Every conversation made by employees through their BlackBerry messenger is shown to employers with the help of StealthGenie.

Contact details:

Details of all the phone numbers present inside your employee’s cell phone are provided to employers by StealthGenie as well.

Just relax:

Simply install a spy software for BlackBerry phone in your employee’s cell phone and forget about everything else. Just relax as StealthGenie will do complete monitoring of your employee for you without you having to do any extra work at all.

Oct 31, 2012
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5 Threats, 1 Solution: BlackBerry Spy App

Did you know that BlackBerry spy app can guard your kids against five threats? Even if you’re an employer or supervisor, you can effectively keep a check on your employees against five common ways they can cheat you.

With StealthGenie, the concept of BlackBerry spying has further simplified. StealthGenie provides you with the most reliable and discreet features. We guarantee that your kids or employee will never get to know that you’re using BlackBerry spy app.

Five Threats You Need To know About:

Inappropriate Contacts:

You must ensure that your kids are in contact with the right people who would not cause them harm. There have been reported cases in which adolescents were compelled to abuse drugs and were even made accomplice in crimes.

Also, you must know the people with whom your employees are in contact with. In today’s world, it is easy for your staff members to leak confidential information to rivals.

Hiding Whereabouts:

Kids especially teens have a tendency to be discreet and tend to keep their parents in the dark about where they are going. This may lead to serious trouble in cases of kidnapping because the parents know that their kids are safe at some friend’s while they might be lurking to unsafe places.

Employees sometimes deceive their heads by sneaking out or remaining out of office for prolonged hours. Normally the bosses have no secure way of finding where the employee is and so the employees take advantage of it.

Leaking Information:

There are so many scammers on the lose that your kids can easily take these scam messages and e-mails for some trusted source and may share personal information that has potential to be misused. Credit card numbers, personal security number, etc. can be misused in many ways if shared with unsafe source.

Similarly, presentations, important files and company secrets can also be leaked by your employees through text messages, e-mails and even BlackBerry chats.

Inappropriate Web Use:

Your kids can be at a risk of being exposed to pornographic or violent content on the web while there are many sources of information that are misleading or fake. Cyber bullying is another threat that your kids might be facing.

With Wi-Fi connectivity it is difficult to keep tabs on the net usage by your employees on phone. This can lead to choking company’s internet connection while your employees play online games or visit social websites on company’s expense.

SIM Change:

If you think that you have a tight control over your kids or employees because of a post-paid phone connection, you’re mistaken because your kids and employees can easily swap SIM cards and contact anyone without you knowing it.

One Solution:

StealthGenie is one-stop solution to all the problems mentioned above. StealthGenie BlackBerry spy app allows you to read SMS, e-mails and BlackBerry chats. You can spy calls and listen to phone surroundings. It also lets you check web browsing history and geo-location via GPS. Along with SIM change notification, you can also set trigger alerts for SMS, e-mails and contacts.

Buy StealthGenie Today!

StealthGenie is a smart and reliable BlackBerry spy app which will let you have a better control over your kids and employees in stealth mode. Refer to the StealthGenie reviews and find out what StealthGenie customers have to say about their experience with the Genie or visit its website to buy your package today!

Oct 19, 2012
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Android Mobile Monitoring- You Don’t Know the Coolest Feature Yet!

If you’re not a StealthGenie user already, you’d probably have no idea what I’m talking about. There may hardly be any other Android mobile monitoring app that offers the best monitoring features along with some really amazing features.

StealthGenie, as the name depicts, is your personal genie that is invisible to all others but you. Ever-vigilant and totally complaint to your demands, this faithful Genie is 100% stealth and undetectable. This means when you install your desired package on the target phone-the phone you wish to monitor remotely- there is no way on earth that your target will ever get to know about its existence. StealthGenie Android mobile monitoring app ascertains that you get the maximum features with total privacy.

The feature that actually compelled me to go for the Genie was that you can easily block any application installed on the target Android phone. This had great usability for me because when I had a clear view of the contents stored on my son’s Android phone, I was shocked that there were some inappropriate applications installed. With StealthGenie app blocking feature, I can control which apps my son has on his phone and that too, without ever touching his phone ever again.

Not only that you can also stop the app that you deem unfit for your kid to use while it is still in use. And it’s not an irreversible act: you can also activate or start up the app if you later find no harm in it.

You get a 360 degrees Android mobile monitoring experience with a bunch of great-to-use features including:

  • SMS and call logs
  • Call and phone surroundings recording
  • Web history viewing
  • Alerts for SIM card changes, SMS and contacts
  • Audio/ video file access
  • Geo location tracking
  • Location history viewing

You get a long list of power features to choose the one that will fulfill your particular demands. With StealthGenie Android mobile monitoring app, your children are going to get a tough time making mischief but they will never know how you get to know it!